Emma Hong Luo

Dr. Luo has worked as a subject matter expert (SME) on vapor intrusion and environmental forensics since 2012 for Chevron Energy Technology Company. She was a key researcher in three of the four well-known big-scale vapor intrusion field research studies (2 PVI and 1 CVI) in US when she was studying and working in Dr. Paul Johnson’s research lab in Arizona State University. She is the first to provide better understanding of the role of biodegradation of vapor phase PHCs and the spatial and temporal variability of soil gas and indoor air in PVI through field and 3-D transient modeling studies. She has authored and co-authored more than 40 journal articles and conference presentations. She also provides vital technical support to Chevron environmental management company on forensic analysis and site assessment for sites contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons.
Dr. Hong Luo holds a Ph.D. from Arizona State University in US and B.S. , B.A. and M.S. from Tianjian University in China.

Contact Information: emma.hong.luo@chevron.com; 713-372-2190