Daniel P. Loucks

Daniel P. Loucks is an emeritus professor on the faculty of the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University. He continues to conduct research in the development and application of economics, ecology and systems analysis methods to the solution of environmental and regional water resources problems. He teaches a graduate course in water resource systems planning and management at the Technical University of Vienna, Austria, and a course in public systems modeling to graduate students in the Cornell Institute of Public Affairs. In the past he has held positions in over 10 other universities and research institutes in Australia, Europe and North America, and in various US and UN agencies, NATO, and the World Bank. He has consulted on water development projects in Africa, Asia, in the Americas, and in Europe. He is a fellow of AGU, a distinguished member of ASCE, and a member of the National Academy of Engineering. He currently serves on the Governing Board of the Natural Heritage Institute, a law firm specializing in freshwater restoration located in San Francisco, California.

Contact Information: loucks@cornell.edu; 607-255-4896