Catherine Katsikis

Catherine Katsikis is the President and principal scientist of LDCFL- NAOS Consulting, LLC. She has been participating in the environmental industry for 29 years specializing in Management and QA practices.

She conducts internal and 3rd party field and lab audits, training classes on Ethics/Data Integrity, QA practices for lab and field, Data validation, ADaPT, etc.
Her expertise includes implementation of QA programs, Lab management, and she is a QA consultant for state, county, city and private organizations.

She is the Chair of the Professional Relations Committee for Florida Society of Environmental Analysts, an American Water Resources Association Florida Board member, a committee member of FSEA’s Host and Programming Committee, a committee member of TNI’s Lab Accreditation Body Expert Committee and TNI’s Nominating Committee.

Contact Information:; 561-512-0056