Column Chemistry Considerations for Full Coverage of Sample Matrices and Analyte Ranges in PFAS LC-MS/MS Workflows

Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in the Environment - Session 5
Oral Presentation

Prepared by , L. Snow1, S. Lodge1, D. Kennedy1
1 - Shimadzu Corporation, 7102 Riverwood Drive, Columbia, MD, 21046, United States
2 - Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, 7102 Riverwood Drive, Columbia, MD, 21046, United States

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LC-MS/MS workflows for PFAS analysis in environment drinking water and solid waste samples cover a wide range of sample preparations, target analytes and analyte ranges. As the required analytes continue to increase in number - including PFAS replacement compounds (GenX) and short-chained PFAS - laboratories running EPA 537.1, EPA 533, and DOD QSM 5.3 often look to combine as many sample preparations as possible into a single LC-MS/MS workflow. Here we cover the LC-MS/MS chromatography profiles across a dozen different column chemistries (both C18 and complimentary phenyl phases) that can be applied in specific analyte regions (short-chained, branched and long-chained), while also adapting to various sample preparation approaches (Reversed Phase SPE, Anion-Exchange SPE, Isotopic Dilution and GCB) for a variety of matrices (drinking water, soil, and sediment).