PFAS in Different Water Matrices and Related Matrix Effects

Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in the Environment
Oral Presentation

Prepared by , J. Hillsey

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PFAS testing is an important component of the overall effort to identify, remediate and eliminate source materials in an effort to help our environment and protect human health. As we learn more about these compounds and find more ways to identify the broader class of PFAS materials, the analytical testing has to keep step with the ever-expanding knowledge base. Understanding analytical results on PFAS and the quality control that supports the data is a critical tool in making decisions in the field. This presentation takes you into the world of matrix effects, optimizations and what they mean. With limited methods available (i.e. EPA, DOD, ASTM) and with all the different matrices that need to be analyzed, understanding matrix effects and what labs are doing to improve is critical to decisions made to ultimately improve our environment.