Communicating Non-Regulatory Method Validation

Data Quality, Management, and Review
Oral Presentation

Prepared by A. Mudambi1, J. Griggs2
1 - US EPA, 1200 Pennsylvania Ave NW MC 8105R, Washington, DC, 20460, United States
2 - US EPA, NAREL, 540 S Morris Ave, Montgomery, Alabama, 36115, United States

Contact Information:; 202-564-2817


Validation of methods developed for non-regulatory purposes tends to be done on case by case basis to meet program or regional needs. Not having an actionable approach for validating methods for non-regulatory purposes in a consistent manner leads to duplicative efforts across the Agency (e.g., multiple offices developing and validating methods for the same contaminant[s]).

EPA is developing a document for communicating validation of methods developed for non-regulatory purposes. The draft document uses a tiered approach being proposed within the Agency. It aims to provide both a process and criteria with sufficient detail and clarity to enable both the Agency and outside parties to modify or further validate the methods for other uses (including regulatory purposes).