Streamlined PFAS Analysis with On-Line Sample Cleanup and Extraction

Drinking Water
Poster Presentation

Prepared by M. Ebitson
Biotage, 16 Northwestern Dr, Salem, NH, 03079, United States

Contact Information:; 603-386-3640


Perfluorinated compounds are highly resistant to degradation which allows them to persist in the environment and accumulate in our water sources. Exposure to these compounds has been found to negatively impact human health, which motivated the U.S. EPA to add these compounds to the list of chemicals that are monitored in drinking water. The EPA has outlined a method for extracting and quantifying those analytes from drinking water in Method 537.1.

There are several challenges when tackling this application – including sample cleanup, minimizing background contamination and eliminating interferences. This work will demonstrate a streamlined workflow for quantifying PFAS compounds, including sample cleanup and automated extraction. Samples will be processed using cartridge-based sorbents and recovery data will be presented, along with tips for troubleshooting interferences and blank contamination issues. Additional data will be presented for quantifying up to 24 PFAS compounds in surface and groundwater samples that were processed using the cleanup/extraction method developed for processing drinking waters.