Reforesting Roanoke

Citizen Science in Environmental Monitoring
Oral Presentation

Prepared by C. Bryant
Roanoke Tree Stewards and Trees Roanoke , 1315 Sewell lane, Roanoke, United States of America, 24015, United States

Contact Information:; 540-342-4688


Roanoke City Urban Forester Dept has faced an uphill battle over the years maintaining its tree canopy due to cuts to the city budget. To counter this movement and increase the city tree canopy, the Tree Stewards were started by the dept over ten years ago. These are volunteers that take a ten week training course to prepare for duties helping the cities urban forest unit plant, prune and maintain city trees. Trees Roanoke was started as an offshoot several years ago as a 501C non profit to help raise funds to purchase trees to plant. These closely related working groups have done several projects in the last few years including planting trees along city streets, along the city's ever expanding greenway, in parks, and renaturalizing an area with native trees. The Native Tree project was taken on by the group last year and with the urban forester, selected trees for the cleaned up site, and then started to plant trees on the site. Some of the trees were donated by members who had been growing trees and other were purchased as bare root or container trees. Trees were staked, mulched and trunks protected. The volunteers continue to monitor the site and check the growth of the trees. More sites are being selected for renaturalization this coming year to help with storm water mitigation and increase the carbon sequestration to make the city a healthier place for its citizens.