A New Rapid, Simple, and Efficient Extraction Method of Semi Volatile Organic Compounds from Soil Matrices

New Organic Monitoring Techniques
Poster Presentation

Presented by R. Marfil-Vega
Prepared by R. Karbowski1, A. Stell2, B. Liu2, C. Cashman2, A. Owens1, N. Lock1, R. Marfil-Vega1
1 - Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc., 7102 Riverwood Dr, Columbia, MD, 21046, United States
2 - CEM Corporation, 3100 Smith Farm Road, Matthews, NC, 28104, United States

Contact Information: rakarbowski@shimadzu.com; 410-910-0989


The analysis of semi volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) in soil matrices and other environmental solid samples encompasses two processes defined under the SW-846 methods: sample extraction and quantification of the analytes of interest. Due to the persistent nature of these compounds there is a constant concern of SVOCs in our soil, and the environment as a whole. The extraction of SVOCs from solid matrices can be challenging given the vast classes of chemicals in this group (pesticides, PCBs, nitrosamines…) and sample types. Widely implemented techniques do not offer an extraction method that is rapid, simple, and efficient, which are all crucial to the modern environmental lab. The EDGE extraction system offers a new take on the processes of pressurized fluid extraction in adherence to US EPA 3545A. The Shimadzu GCMS-QP2020NX Single quadrupole mass spectrometer was used, in split mode and Constant Linear Velocity Flow control mode. The GCMS was ramped between 45oC and 310oC using a Shimadzu SH-5MS column with all peaks eluting within 25 minutes. In this study, over 80 SVOCs listed in method EPA 8270D were analyzed in several sample types, including sand, clay and sludge with the EDGE extraction system and Shimadzu’s GCMS-QP2020NX. The combination of the two instruments results in a rapid simple and efficient workflow of a variety of compounds from different soil types, all with one method. In this work, we will present the results from the performance demonstration of the combined use of the EDGE and Shimadzu’s GCMS QP-2020NX for the analysis of SVOCs in accordance to quality assurance criteria outlined in the corresponding SW-846 methods.