Monitoring Volatiles Using a Mobile Rreal-Time Mass-Spectrometer

Air Monitoring, Methods, and Technology
Oral Presentation

Prepared by W. Kerr, A. Qualley, E. Anderson
Syft Technologies, 68 St Asaph Street, Christchurch Central, Christchurch, -, -, New Zealand

Contact Information:; +64 27 202 1223


Rapid air-quality assessment is essential to managing and reducing the impact of toxic or unpleasant volatile compounds on communities. Often deployment of instrumentation at or near the source using vehicle mobilized instrumentation is essential to an effective response.

The use of a mobile, real-time volatiles analyzer will be discussed in this context, exploring how it is used to conduct continuous volatiles measurements whilst moving around the area of assessment. The analyzer deployed is a Voice200ultra, selected-ion flow-tube mass-spectrometer (SIFT-MS). SIFT-MS is a soft chemical ionization technique that can be used to directly quantify volatile analytes and achieves selectivity of analysis by interrogating the reactivity of analytes with several different ions.

The benefits of mobile SIFT-MS are highlighted in this presentation through the monitoring of malodor compounds such as reduced-sulfurs and amines. This provides major advantages over conventional approaches because these species are often not amenable to chromatography and can be difficult to sample due to thermal instability, reactivity, or loss to the sample container walls. Furthermore, the processes or emissions responsible for malodors can be dynamic and short-lived necessitating continuous monitoring at the site to correctly identify the source.