From the Field to the Lab: Trace Metal Analysis of Drinking Water with Solid-State Electrodes

Drinking Water
Poster Presentation

Presented by J. Gandhi
Prepared by K. Williams, J. Tymoczko, B. Zumbr├Ągel
Metrohm USA, 9250 Camden Field Parkway, Riverview, Florida, 33578, United States

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Heavy metals found in drinking water have been responsible for many illnesses on a global scale. Electrochemical (EC) methods have been developed to detect trace amounts of heavy metals in drinking water. However, the use of mercury in traditional EC methods prevents wide spread adaptation due to environmental concerns. Solid-state electrodes present a solution by quickly and efficiently determining heavy metals at trace levels without the use of mercury. In this discussion, we will present voltammetric methods for trace metal determination using bismuth and gold in alternative solid-state electrodes in both laboratory and field conditions.