What The Dog Knows: Innovation for Outputs, Outcomes, & Impact

Oral Presentation

Prepared by M. Ruefenacht
Heusser Neweigh, LLC, 1400 Willow Pass Court, Concord, CA, 94520, United States

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Despite our efforts to continually learn the latest technologies, social media platforms, software systems, management techniques, or even parenting philosophies, we are continuously faced with the prospect of irrelevance and obsolescence. Most new consumer products are purposely designed with a very limited life cycle rather than a commitment to long-term functionality and relevance. Gone are the days of the “Kirby” vacuum that could be passed down between generations.

In our professions and as individuals we must constantly innovate our products, services, and even ourselves. Innovation is about what’s new and what’s next. It’s about that exciting leap forward into uncharted territory. Innovation is a way of life. However, do we innovate simply for an output or do we innovate for measurable outcomes and impacts?

In this keynote address, Mr. Ruefenacht shares his personal journey of discovery and innovation, which now saves the lives of diabetic children and adults around the world. You will gain new insight, skills, and knowledge for professional and personal innovation that will go beyond a simple output but have genuine outcomes and potentially life-changing impact.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

- Steve Jobs